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Georgina Calvert-Lee, a barrister at Mc Allister Olivarius which is representing the couple, said that cultural heritage goes much further than race.“It’s complex, it’s not just your race, it’s also about your values, your beliefs.As a result, the couple who were both born in the UK and live in Berkshire, have started legal action.

Sandeep, 35, told the Times that ‘giving an adopted child – no matter what race – the security of a loving home was all we wanted to do’.The couple, who are both business professionals, are of Sikh Indian heritage but do not have other close links to India.Agencies are required by law to give preference to prospective parents who would be the most suitable and that includes many factors, including cultural heritage.Anyone would draw upon the many cultural reference points they had when growing up," she told Her clients will claim in court that they have been discriminated against in the provision of services after receiving an assessment and home visit from Adopt Berkshire, an agency run by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.After Ms Calvert-Lee filed the case, she said Adopt Berkshire told the Manders they could register for adoption, but she said her clients’ trust had been eroded and they had “no option but to look abroad”.

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Roughly a dozen centuries later, many Parsis have settled in the diaspora, where they’re encountering a different challenge: assimilation and a not-too-distant scenario in which, some worry, there will be no Zoroastrians left in the world. This worry is often directed toward young Zoroastrians, whose minds—and perhaps more importantly, hearts—may determine the future of the religion.