Angie martinez dating nokio

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Angie martinez dating nokio

called and asked me to go to the concert and get some evergreen quotes from the artists that they could use in upcoming issues. She just wanted me to ask questions like, “What was the best present you ever got for Valentine’s Day?

” so they could include it when their February issue rolled around. I told the folks there that I was with Teen People and they hustled me to the area allotted for me. As the artists came off stage, they stopped at each station and did a brief interview.

Well, the two dated around the time Nokio was at the height of his career with the 90’s R&B group.

With the shape-shifting video for "I Can Transform Ya" slated to debut on MTV on Tuesday, and a tour planned for November, the only piece of the [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] puzzle left to solve was when the singer's Graffiti album would be released.

Brown finally provided the answer Monday (October 26), tweeting, "Official album date: December 15." The disc will be the singer's first effort since his highly publicized assault of former girlfriend Rihanna in February.

He was wearing a floor-length black mink coat and I was awestruck.

It turns out I was supposed to interview the celebrities on-camera for some special segment A few weeks later, I was at a concert. But I remember it was the first time I saw Puffy in person. There’s a VIP section upstairs and the industry heavyweights are sitting at tables drinking Champagne. Right here, she wants to add something pithy and quirky about pancakes or something like in Damon’s bio.

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“That was one of the most embarrassing things for me, because of my image and who I was as a young role model to a lot of kids. Because I thought that we had that relationship to where it could be like that.”Now, Chris said he’s looking toward the future and his new album – and the viral wedding video from earlier this year that helped put the focus back on his music. “I’m going to focus on what it was and learn for it.