Who is james taylor dating

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Who is james taylor dating

This week, the 60-year-old singer was in London to receive a lifetime achievement trophy at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.But while the latest award will no doubt sit proudly alongside the five Grammys and 40 gold or platinum discs that adorn the mantelpiece in Taylor's Massachusetts home, the man himself admits to having mixed feelings about his ever-growing collection of prizes.One of America's most respected tunesmiths, he has charmed generations of fans with his sophisticated, acoustic balladry and laid-back style.His private life may have been turbulent - with three marriages and a long-running battle with drug addiction - but his staying power has never been in doubt.

I've just taken him in so he's in my core."After they divorced in 1983, Simon stayed here, on what she now calls Hidden Star Hill.You’ve seen the tantalising teases for the naughtiest celebrity book of the year... I had to remind myself that it wasn’t a competition, but I did feel that I was competing with all the girls buzzing and flitting around him like intoxicated Tinkerbells.now read the Seventies’ most amorous pop star in her own very risqué words – as Carly Simon spills enough secrets to make Mick Jagger, James Taylor, Warren Beatty and a cast of the vainest men in showbiz blush She told him that he shouldn’t marry me because her husband Mick and I were having an affair. A little later, I flew to London to record my next album.Still, the romance of Carly and James Taylor, and their marriage, was the stuff of rock and roll legend. The fact that he’s still here, and so healthy, is remarkable. The real cause of the breakup of the Simon-Taylor marriage was his cheating.And now we find out more precisely how it all came apart. He cheated with a back up singer, whom Carly acknowledges but doesn’t name. ) Taylor had a mistress named Evey (not sure if that’s her real name).

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In “Boys from the Trees,” which is officially published tomorrow, Simon reveals more or less what happened. He lodged her in a studio apartment he kept for practicing, and rehearsing on the Upper West Side.