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Who is ldshadowlady dating

She has accompanied Stacy in many Minecraft series and are very good friends.

LDShadow Lady currently lives in the England with her sister, boyfriend Joel (smallishbeans), and she recently graduated from Liverpool University, where she studied 3D computer animation and visualization.

She posted a video titled "The Animal Challenge with Joey Graceffa" in July of 2014.

(born October 7th 1992) known on You Tube as LDShadow Lady is a British female gamer who is popular for her Minecraft gameplays.

Elizabeth often known as Lizzie LDShadow Lady, is the cool gamer who streams her memorable moments in Minecraft on You Tube.

She started off as a rookie who just wanted to keep track of her gameplays by uploading them online and it all started with Call of duty.

LDShadow Lady's started You Tube as a girl with short, brown hair.

Then, she dyed it red with a black streak in her bangs.

In the series, each player may use creative mode to build their houses and have fun exploring doing quests, and pranking their neighbors.

Now she has the love of over 2.6 million subscribers on You Tube.

If someone were to check out her initial videos on You Tube, they will see that those videos had nothing much than the original game audios - no voice-overs, no commentaries or annotations.

After completing her quest to get started with the right game, she chose to make a Let’s play video of Minecraft and that got a 4000 views the same week.

She said that she liked the world of Minecraft because it was cute and that she was able to make ‘kawaii’ creatures using the mo mod.

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