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Dating scam baiting

Ask to have a live video talk using Skype or Facetime.Most of today’s smartphones, tablets and laptops come equipped with a built-in camera and/or video.They lead the scammers on wild-goose chases to pick up checks from couriers who don’t materialize, insist the scammers perform ridiculous stunts, and ask them to pose with demeaning signs to prove their commitment to the transaction.Blinded by the same greed that blinds their marks, the scammers take the scam- baiters’ bait and, often as not, end up as heads on the virtual wall in the scam-baiting Web sites’ “trophy rooms.” The scam-baiters seem almost like a spontaneous evolutionary response to a threatening predatory species— think of them as the T cells of the Internet’s immune system.That's what an East Hanover senior did when he was targeted in a car wrap scam.We wrote about his efforts to string along the scammers for several weeks before he told them he was on to their game.But they can also seem an embodiment of the devolution of discourse and increase in abuse and invective that’s come to be known as “cyber-disinhibition”—the tendency of people to engage in hostile interactions when they aren’t inhibited by face-to-face contact.

Profiles include descriptions designed to attract the targeted audience. There's a warrant for your arrest because you missed jury duty. Some just hung up the phone or ignored the emails they received, but others had a little Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson in them. It's called "scambaiting." A potential victim responds to the fraudster, keeping up the conversation. To waste as much of the scammer's time and efforts as possible, and hopefully distract the scammers enough to delay their move to the next target. Bamboozled has heard lots of scammer stories over the years from the personal experiences of our readers.The ones who then try to persuade you (and it’s amazing how many are blinded enough by greed to believe the pitch) to fork over one “advance fee” after another to “estate attorneys,” “private bank managers,” and other fictional “facilitators”—until you awaken to the fact that you’ve been taken or are broke.(The name 419 comes from the number of the section of the Nigerian criminal code that applies to fraud, though the advance-fee fraud is actually a variation on the centuries-old “Spanish Prisoner” ploy.) Scam-baiters have set out to reverse this dynamic, to turn the tables on the scammers.

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